About Us

Monongahellyeah! was spawned in the heart of West Virginia. It is an homage to those ripples of Pangea, the Appalachian mountains, and all that live there—flora, fauna, and family.

There’s no “almost” about it, this is where the earth turns to meet heaven. It is a place where bare feet slip on silty rocks in the cool headwaters of mighty rivers. It is a place to find balance, a place to purify your soul.

The term Monongahellyeah! was crafted as a holler of the hollers—to echo the spirit of this eastern vortex, its ancient rocky hills; lush forest; cool, pristine rivers; and those who love it.

Lisa F'n Armstrong

The name, artwork, and concepts of Monongahellyeah! by Ajuga, Inc. are created by Lisa F'n Armstrong, a boom-a-rang West Virginian, who left to find herself and returned to nestle into the hug of the mountains nearly 20 years ago. Monongahellyeah! is her trademark. Ajuga, Inc. is Lisa's marketing and design firm located on a hill in the small town of Elkins, West Virginia.

If you have an idea for a graphic or product or have an issue with your order, let us know at info@ajuga.com.